Gwuak! - S/T

  • Gwuak! - S/T
  • Gwuak! - S/T

Gwuak! - S/T

Holy GWUAK-A-MOLEY! We signed Gwuak! We're excited to bring their self-titled EP back to tape for the second time. Gwuak! is a two-piece band from New Mexico & California bringing sick riffs, catchy hooks, and punchy drums for a tasteful emo experience. Look forward to an LP next year!

1) Dennys Takeout
2) Fried Rice Picnic
3) Thanks for John
4) Insperado
5) Oh Snap!(ple)
6) Mt Fortress

Pressing Information

First Run: (Sun Eater Records) SOLD OUT
Yellow tape w/ green splatter /15
Yellow tape w/ pink splatter /15

Second Run: (Thumbs Up Records)
Green tape w/ blue & black splatter /25
Green tape w/ yellow & white splatter /25

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